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alida (fakethepain) wrote,
@ 2003-09-12 23:52:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:Bright Eyes- Bowl of Oranges

    sally and jack :)
    ahhh a much needed perfect night with him...its weird how things can be fairly crappy for the both of us for the week and then when i lay eyes on him its all erased...its great because i dont even feel cheezie around him and im a pretty cheezie gal ;) sean and austin went to halloween usa and looked around for a while...i found some cool fairy wings but im just not into investing money into rather get music...anyhoo...after that we went to seans for a while and waited for kara to get finished up with the meantime i drew this picture of bert that im not happy with just yet so im addicted to working on it...its so amazing to just be sitting on a huge pillow drawing and then looking up at him...i couldnt be happier...then we went to steak n shake and i ate like a wild banchie!lauren and emmy went off to the movies and i wont get into that whole the end of the night me kara austin and sean were all watching nightmare before christmas...gosh i missed that movie so much...i felt bad that kara and sean didnt see eachother for long enough :\...hopefully tomorrow or something...and hopefully tomorrow i can see austin to dream...

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