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Allie (fakesmiles77) wrote,
@ 2004-01-05 12:54:00
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    Current mood: ecstatic
    Current music:rockin' the suburbs-ben folds five

    IM SO HAPPY:):)
    Wow-its snowing and its beautiful when all the pine trees out here get covered in snow(even though they arent yet)-i want to take black and white pictures of my friends and i in it-gosh it would be gourgeous (sp?)...BUT i have awesome news! suzy just called and im going to see tokyo rose the 13th! and after that i guess theres an acoustic show which will DRIVE ME INSANE b/c im in love with the acoustic so that seriously just made my day. I think im going with her and holly and chris and prolly suzy boyfriend-kyle. Which means ill be by myself with no guy but who cares--TOKYO ROSE? are you joking-i would never pass that up because i didnt have a guy to go with me-hahaha screw guys!! i get to see tokyo rose and that in itself is so happy!!! sometime i need to go see something corporate-but i need to find out when they will be in indiana..OR some girls and i could take a soco road trip-wow that would be amazing also...I'm so over this whole depression mode...i hated it so much that i ripped it away from myself and i love being happy-thank you to everyone that listened to me whine--i love you!!!!!! but for now im gonna go find out when soco will be here-loveyou


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