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Allie (fakesmiles77) wrote,
@ 2004-01-05 10:24:00
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    Current mood:mm ok i guess
    Current music:space-soco

    wow something corporate is the best band ever and i am in love with them.. Mmmmkay, I'm actually doing great-gwen has someone lined up for me i guess which is cool-its kinda like what i told heath, hey you may not like them but its a date to get your mind off that other person who isnt worth thinking about in the first place..I'm content i guess...I got a really good new book that i just started-its by some really great writer in Japan so yeah. Its called "thirst for love", yeah so i wanted to get "the bell jar" but they didnt have it in which REALLY just kind of sends me over the edge because there are so many good comments on that book but then again everyone would prolly think i was even more insane bc its by sylvia plath and So-there are so many guys out there now, im so happy to know that, or at least have that reassurance..Yeah i guess i made a huge mistake-erik told me when ppl found out we were broken up guys would be lined up for me-and i told him i wanted him to be first in line-That would be my big mistake...I dont even want erik burns to be in line..I want him to go off to college and i want this year to be over with. Summer should be amazing this year-i got the car, friends, pool, and im single-oh yesh--summer should be right now the weather sucks real bad. Theres like nothing alive-when I look out the window it almost looks like a black and white picture bc everything is dead-uck..that depresses me kind of..but nothing can wipe the smile off my face now..I'm trying so hard to be happy and it surprisingly enough-its coming in effect. I hope it lasts..

    I guess heaths date went well-THATS AWESOME, he probably doesnt read this but ya know. lol I'm really happy for him-bc i know how it can be to feel all by yourself and when you finally get a date you feel very happy and on top of the world-so go you heath-you're awesome and i love you. As well as heaths date im guessing eriks went well also?..which like i said before-Is just fine. Im happy if hes happy-YAY although the creativity of the date was insane...because there was they did the exact same date they did with shanea and i like a month ago er something. Yeah that was a little crazy of them-but hey it was fun when we all did it so im guessing they had fun when they all did it. I heard erik finally got the hang of ice skating-thats good, im glad gil didnt have to stand there and wait for you to try to skate and then run into the wall repeatedly-*smiles*
    but yeah-im really glad your guys dates went well-erik im really happy you're happy, and heath im exstatic that you are happy--and i cant spell..sorry! but thats awesome guys-yay yay yay*smiles again*

    but for now i think i am going to go and read some. I have a good book waiting for me and its gross outside so i guess ill go and do that considering theres nothing else to do! byebye and i love you all...

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