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Allie (fakesmiles77) wrote,
@ 2003-10-05 17:46:00
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    Current mood:yuck
    Current music:timberwolves at new jersey

    poems anyone? hah i wrote these today---so now heres a look into my pathetic yet oh so very twisited life--fun aye? NO..broken

    you took it
    you stole it
    its gone now
    that was mine
    how dare you
    you ripped out my heart
    shattered it into a million bits
    and threw the pieces at my face
    it stung
    my heart was sharp
    you shattered me on the inside and out
    now i cry tears of black blood because of you
    you shredded me apart
    im useless
    you took it and twisted it until it ripped completely
    and my warm blood that dripped from your fingers
    that blood is familiar now
    that blood is nothing more than my tears
    my tears are black because i have no soul
    thats gone to
    you decided to take it with you
    so when can i have it back
    when will it be mine again
    why did you do this to me
    give it back
    its not yours to keep
    this is so unfair
    i bleed for you
    i cry for you
    i cut for you
    and i will die for you
    please give it back so i die happier
    black blood and neverending tears dont get me anywhere
    so help
    please just at least share it with me
    and that in itself will set me free.


    drip drip drop
    there it goes again
    as it skims across my skin
    i feel relieved
    i feel so alone yet so wanted
    the blood is so dark its almost black
    I have been stained with depression
    it doesnt seem to want to leave
    ive become numb to it
    its something i recieve
    my depression is like my own package
    a gift i get all the time
    something i could live without
    my secret and its all mine
    its pushing my heart to a limit
    i cant take anymore
    its ran over me numerous times
    I'm happiness poor


    her insides are frozen
    frozen from her hatred past
    iced away because people give up on her
    and nothing seems to last
    as her flesh explodes
    slowly her emotions run down her arm
    they run in the deepest red
    with her insides coming out
    this is the most shes ever bled
    as her heart screams
    her blood turns into sand
    too young to die
    shes reaching for a hand
    her insides are deteriorating
    slowly enough
    shes splitting right down the middle
    she doesnt know how to be tough
    her world is melting
    and shes so alone
    her thoughts have numbed her body
    right down to the bone
    shes became mute to the world around her
    she locks up her mind
    everything is so obscure
    she tells herself it'll soon be old news
    because thats the best excuse she can use

    --allie trout

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