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Faith (faith2005shs) wrote,
@ 2004-12-19 11:42:00
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    Current mood:content
    Current music:Rascal Flatts "Feels Like Today"

    Let's get this started
    Yeah finally got one of these bad boys going. So now to keep is going....

    I haven't decided if I wanna try to explain or give any type of background on me or just jump right in. I tell ya what I'll do a little of both and if you have any questions about anything just leave 'em on the message board.

    I don't really have a b/f to say anything about. Friends are kinda on the minimal side but high in quality. They basically will include Johanna, Aletha, most likely Frank (he's a newbee) and sometimes JD.
    The people that I'll prolly complain about the most are Arin("It's 5 o-clock somewhere" for those of you who may not have understood who that was at first)Katie, Dave, Dan and prolly some other people too occationally.
    And people who I'll always be in contemplation about are Ed and James.

    It'll prolly take a while for me to give each of those people a proper introduction but it'll eventually happen.

    That's just a short little intro to the beginning of your typical high school soap opera. But hey, what high school doesn't have one?

    Anyways, I kinda got hit with something I never really thought would happen before. This morning when we were getting ready for church my dad is trying to get my brother, Dustin, to get going. He told him to go comb his hair and Dustin screamed back "I already did!" and so my dad went to go smack his face for being so disrespectful. Dustin happened to be standing in just the right place and when my dad hit him, his head hit the corner of the door right on his temple and it busted open.
    Now, anyone who knows me or knows my family knows that none of us were ever abused. My parents believe in strictly discipline. That's why I am the person that I am today. I have the utmost respect for any authority figure and I have my dad to thank for that. And now I'm just really worried that his reputation might be put in jepardy because of my stupid brother.
    In my life my dad is my rock and I can't stand the idea that something as stupid like this might cause more trouble than there ever should have been. In my opinon, Dustin had what was coming to him but that's not the way it's gonna look to anybody that sees it (my mom was contemplating taking him into the ER to get stitches and she's a nurse). Right now all I guess I I can do is wait and see what happens tomorrow.
    After talking with Johanna about this she really helped me to realize that I just have to and need to put this in God's hands. But because I'm human, I worry. And especially since it's my dad I'm really infuriated with Dustin. He's someone in my opinion that doesn't realize the effect that this could have on dad. He doesn't realize that there's a chance that something might get started that can't be stopped.
    I do feel a little bit better since I talked to Johanna though. It's kinda funny, I'm not really used to leaning on anybody since I lost Katie but that's a whole other story.

    That's about it for me right now. I gotta go get ready for school tomorrow(hopefully we'll get a snowday and I won't need to worry about anything). But yeah. Well, hope I didn't bore anybody too much, leave a message and I'll get back with you.

    Thanks so much for being there Johanna. You are really one of my closest friends if not the closest.

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