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Cricket Dobbins (faeriegabrielle) wrote,
@ 2006-09-19 19:08:00
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    lket's see here...

    I got a new laptop and tiger direct is trying to charge a butt load more then what they were supposed to which means that now my bank is saying that I'm over drawing even though I'm not......

    we got a dog although I don't know if I already wrote that.... her name is roxy and she's a total sweet heart.... she was 4 months old when we got her and they were going to put her down because they didn't think that she was going to survive but we took her and she's all better now.

    we moved into the apartment but as we all know that's not going to last long at all. Can't stand having to share a one bedroom apartment with my father and my fiancee

    we're supposed to be getting a house on the res but we all know how that's went every other timne I've said it...

    only taking 4 classes this semester and it's a big let down.... I thought that it would be harder then this but it's not.... except for this one ITV class which is at the ass crack of dawn and I can;'t seem to get up that early and function well enough to attend

    aimee dumped beth which was a total whoa... but then an even bigger whoa was that she stole ryan's new boyfriend (then only one thus far that I have approved of). Then Tim dumped hannah (which was another whoa considering hannah could do so much better then him anyway) and then they got back together..... everything is so confusing....

    as far as I knbow gwyd and I are still egtting along fine and still planninmg on ngetting married and having children one day....

    his parents want to sell the house that they're in now and build one with straw bale construction out on the hollywod rd. and because of this book called "an inconvienient truth" by Al Gore the griffith's think that there's going to be a depression bigger then the one in 1930.... all the data backs up what they're saying but I just can't seem to get too worked up about it (although I know it's inevitable).

    oh well that's just about it...

    except for this really super fun order that we got from adam and eve .com ;)

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