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Cricket Dobbins (faeriegabrielle) wrote,
@ 2006-05-20 01:45:00
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    Current mood: creative
    Current music:ZUMA deluxe

    hey hey hey

    yeah I don't have much to say...

    we opened a buisness account

    we got our tax id thingy

    um..... gwyd's dad mentioned something about kicking us out in a month or two which mean ello all friends of mine!!!! you have all been nominated to adopt me, gwyd and our children!!!


    1) only not because aimee and beth don't have room where they are and even if they did I don't think that they would allow us to move in with them because it is their place and even though we would be paying them rent, it would still be kinda cramped considering that the second bedroom their place claims to have wouldn't even hold my bed plus there's a halway going straight through it, not only that it's a trailer and the angle our sex life has turned into would probably not be okay with aimee and beth.... not to mention I think there would be awkwardness.... and such... especially since I moved in with gwyd and his family I have taken up quite the nudist way of thinking and I never want to wear clothing anymore...

    2) yep and hannah lives too far away

    3) and I suppose that we could always move back into the apartment but that would mean sharing an apartment with my father and to me that would just be plain weird.... especially with gwyd and dad being there and me being the onyl female.... although then again dad might move back in with mom now that she has removed her head from her sphincter.... but until then I really would like to consider the apartment as a last resort.... but then again there are other possibilities...

    4) like when I start getting payments from the houlton band again I might possibly be able to get an apartmentish thingy down there and then maybe aimee and beth could move in with us down there and then rent would be cheaper.... or maybe we could ust have our own place but I think as I remember, it takes quite a while for applications to be processed and I never actually got around to filling one out.... but I could which is a possiblity that I hadn't considered before, but now I can and that means that we could keep our cats and such...

    5) and not only that but suddenly this month gwyd qualifies for food stamps which is good and that also means that if we do happen to get a place down on the res then we could still qualify for them because gwyd is going to have work study whioch makes us qualify for food stamps....

    6) then again mom siad that she woiuld let usmove in there just bnecause she doesn't lie the fact that the griffith's think that they have power over her daughter and where she's going.... it's an ego trip thing which means that I would get my old room in the trailer back which is now missing a door and is currently reggie's room and I don't know how kindly he'll take to me getting it back....

    7) we could always move into the basement of the shop and sections off part of it and make a room and then we could use the bathroom area as a kitchen like my old driver's ed instructor did on the opposite side but then again there's the whole living with my dad and gwyd thing... they just have far too much in comon and as much as I love my father..... I wouldn't want him to influence gwyd because I like was he is and dad would certainly try to inflict his "wives should do this" and "marrage is worse then being engaged because..."speeches on hnim and then gwyd would maguically not want to be with me as much or they would always be off tinkering on shit at the farm or in the shop or at camp or dad would try t get gwyd to helkp him on house calls and then gwyd would fall off a roof and- no no no- no gwyd and dad time that much....

    8) we also could try to fix up the cabin (which would take a significant amount of money whioch neither of us possesses)

    9) or we could try to get gwyd's parent to give us money to buy our own place (unlikely) especially since his parents liked this one house that we found and they we all ready to help pay for thje down payment for the place and then suddenly they changed their minds and they wanted an appraisal down and so we got them the numbers of some local aprraisal people and nothing ever happened and now the house isn't even for sale any more....

    well besides all that shit nothing is else is gfoing on....

    well I'm sick.....

    it's weird because I have been for the past couple of days but I'm nearly 100 % sure it's because of lack of sleep... like today I was just finally getting to sleep at 10 and then the college kept calling and then I was just starting to get to sleep again and dad stopped over and then I was just starting to get to sleep again and gwyd got home from school and there was no sleep for cricket and I hadn't been asleep for an hour before his his mom yelled in and told him that it was 10 because I was up all night doing laundry and cleaning and watching fraggle rock and shit.... and the night befor ethat I hadn't even gotten to sleep when his alarm went off and the night before that I pulled an all nighter and so in the past 96 hours I've gotten around 12-14 hours of sleep maximum.... it's only because we've recently developed this sex game where I'm totally in control and I'm gentle and such... see usually I like rough fast sex like if actual intercourse (foreplay not included) take more then 15 minutes.... I get bored... infact... 10 is pushing it because once I adjust to the feeling and start to get used to it I start to got numb because of all of the scar tissue left there from when I was raped... but when I'm all in control and such.... it's like with foreplay and the whole shhhh-bang the shortest we've ever gone was something like and hour and a half and that was for one orgasm.... just because I enjoy seeing the begging in gwyd's eyes... I just tease around everything.... like take two nights ago for example----the clothign didn't even begin to come off for the first half an hour....and I didn't even touch his dick until we were 45 minutes into it and when I did it was so fucking rock hard and I've never heard him make such noises from a simple stroke... like there was an orgasm noise in the first touch and then the orgasm was insane! the amount of jiz that came out.... *shivers* fun stuff!!

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