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Cricket Dobbins (faeriegabrielle) wrote,
@ 2006-05-16 02:04:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:schism: tool

    haven't updated in a while eh?
    well gees I guess I haven't updated in a loooooooong while eh?

    well let's see...

    we've discovered that jen is getting married to LJ and never moving back to maine ever again.

    hannah's thingy with tim is going surprisingly well...

    we went to popham again this year and boy wasn't that an adventure!
    we were trying to start the maypole and my ribbon fell off and then I had this nervous breakdown because I've been planning the whole year to go and do the goddamned maypole and there is was the whole year wasted away... and so I was mad at gwyd because instead of supporting me and trying to hellp me he gave up.... and left me.... so I told him I fucking hated him and that I enever wanted to see him again and then I went out to my car and tried to drive off (even though I was in NO condition to drive) so gwyd took my keys and left and then I started getting into my knife collection in a really unhealthy way and he swooped in and took my knives away and then I just wanted to be held and so I went out in the parking lot to find him and he was eaten so I collapsed onto the ground and was hyperventilating and slaming my head against the pavement and it was just all in all NOT good.... magically gwyd appeared and he was babying me and i told him I just wanted to leave and die and never see th goddmaned beach and his stupid family or him ever again and he was just petting my head and telling me that he loved me and such and then he was like is that what you really want? and I was like naw... and so he fixed me and I said I was sorry and that I loved him and everything was all better and then we went to the creepy fort with the basement kitchen/torture when we stayed with joan and bill we had to sleep in the camper and we couldn't have decent sex because it was super duper squeaky and then there was a hole in the tarp and our pillows kept falling onto the ground through it... but I didn't have the best orgasm of my liufe there so... it was worth it.... plus it was a definate bonding experience and we found an animal kingdom that has leopards and lions and tigers and panthers and such! and it's 8 miles from joan and bills!

    in other news.... I am completely out of money and my account keeps bouncing from positive to negative so I've decided that now would be an excellent time to get a job or to applyfor ssi. I've applyied at like 4 other places ut with no recent job experience.... it's difficult to find a job... meanwhile that's why we've decided to start up our own ebay buisness! we're doing pretty well but it's not an official official buisness..... because pretty much all of the money goes straight to us, and so far no one in state has bought anything...

    we got a fax machine! WHICH MEANS NOW i CAN FAX ALL OF MY APPLICATIONS OUT plus eveything that the college or the houlton band might need... I don't know if i'll get money for it or not but my next attendance verification form is due the 18th that might be my last one... unless I officially decide to take summer courses and then I'll only be taking 6-9 credits which is like.... $135-180 which would be good especially if I get a job... because I don't know if I can live off from that.... but then again I might be getting finanacial aid for the summer semester which would be good because it would be all in pocket and then I could fix my car and such..

    we went to prom and I smoked because gwyd made me do grand march and I was soooooooooooo nervous... my dress was really pretty and I'm thinking about making one nearly identical for my mom for mother's day (whihc WAS yesterday but oh well)

    our room is finally clean (praise goddess) and it will stay that way.

    um....I'm thinking about moving the wedding date a little bit closer to us just because I've only recently noticed what a great guy gwyd is, and I don't think I want to loose him because I lkove him so damned much it hurts... not to mention the fact that some people have been telling gwyd that he's pussy whipped and it's like... look at his parents.... NEVER has fred ever questioned leigh and all she has to do is ask him to do something and he'll do it just because she has him that well trained, and joan and bill? same thing and I was looking at their relationships and trying to figure out why they don't fight as much as they seem to think gwyd and I do and I discovered that it's because there's a top dog in their relationships and in wgyd's and mine there isn't... well there is but it changes from time to time, like we're equal, neither one of us just lays down and does what the other one wants us to, plus we have great communication.... like if there's something bothering one of us we'll tell each other instead of sitting there and stewing about it until we explode.... it's a great relationship that we have and I don't want to loose it..... but then again, we got thinking and just my sisters brothers aunts uncles and cousins on my father's side of the family is over 60 people plus you have at least that many people on my mothers side and then 20 on gwyd's and that's not even including friends.... so we're lookign at least at a 100 people wedding, because you better believe if i'm only doing it once I'm doing it right...and it's onna be expensive and my parent can't afford it.... so I have to py for all of it.... at least $5000 and I want to have our own place to go to when we do get married so not untila fter we have a house....

    I have to go get a shower and hug gwyd and such so I'm fleeing!

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