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Cricket Dobbins (faeriegabrielle) wrote,
@ 2006-04-03 17:55:00
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    Current mood: artistic
    Current music:tim burton's the corpse bride

    well I haven't updated in a while because, nothing has really happened... gwyd;s and my anneversary is coming up soon, like april 21... um... classes are ending sometime soon. I might be getting a job at burell's which I don't really mind because that means that I'll be working in an air conditioned work environment over the summer. Bad thing is that the job opens in May and I don't know if I'll be done with school yet... but I really could use a job because that's when the payments from the houlton band cease, because school stops... I almost remember something about the school semester ending on the 22 of april or some such thing... oh, I'm dying yet again because of my stupid uterus and it's once a month explosion... today alone I've gone through 9 super plus tampons... and it's not even late yet! and the laundry room that was full of mine/gwyd's clothing is now only full of gwyd's clothing because I did all of my laundry today... yeah aparetnly the old shevles with locks on them are out of style for schools so they're getting rid of them at the schools and fred got 2 sets of shevles with the boxes and he said that we could have one of them which is really good becaus that now means that we have more place for estoring our clothes then in bins.

    the corpse bride is the bestest movie on the face of the planet although I'm going to have to turn it off in order to get some cooperation from gwydion with the moving of the shelving units.... in fact thats what I'm going to do!! bye

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