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Meagan (facethemusic) wrote,
@ 2003-09-30 19:24:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:Mya-Whatever Bitch

    suga suga how ya get so fly...
    wow i havent written in a long time... well i guess a lot has gone on.... school is still sucking, we got progress reports, im doing good in most classes except history and english, I hung out with Cassey two saturday nights ago and we ended up going to erick emery's house and getting trashed, that was not a good situiation, i got really drunk, and i dont remember anything past like 12 but i know i didnt do anything bad, i ended falling asleep and waking up at like 4 and calling rob and i felt like a total ass cuz i realized what i had done and it was not good... but kristi is really pissed at me yet again and she wants to fight me because i hung out with erick again... JESUS CHRIST get the FUCK over it! And then nothing really happened during the week, then on this past friday, i hung out with rob and bronson for a little while, and rob got me high then i went to dunkin donuts and got bronson some donuts, and then i went to pick nick sullivan up to go to the bounty... now that was strange, ive never gone anywhere high before, it was fun, i will have to do it agian sometime. but this friday is semi formal, and that should be fun, i gotta go get my hair done at 330 after school, and then i gotta get ready and go to my grams to get pics taken and then were going and umm i dont know what were diong after, hopefully rob will have a party, he said that he might be able to cuz joe will be home and he will get us stuff... and then on saturday i think im hanging out with chris that should be cool but yeah im gonna go now and do my art homework... ill write later

    Luvs MeggiMarie

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