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StReetBiaTcH (fabzraul) wrote,
@ 2003-03-14 12:10:00
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    Current mood:anxious
    Current music:JLo Feat LL CooL J,All I Have,Angie Martinez,Take u Home

    Dizzy iz so PAIN IN D AzZ!
    ChikaaaaaaaaaaaaaBoOOOoOOM!Gudddy Mornin!Oh God,ma head is spinin round n round n iz killin me!Im so bloody sick of tired lookin 4 d ryte easy dipsy wipsy webby 4 ma own.Now,i search 4 it n yesh,im HAPPY wut ive done ere.Wunna noe how long it takes me?Took 4 lyk 5 6 HRS 4 goodness SAKE!I get migrain so easily,dats wut i hate so much.Can sumbudy massage ma head now?*awwwww*.How i wish ma baby was ere wif me so dat he can cools me down..How sweet!Mizzzzzz him so badly.Iz been a wk i havent see him.Hiz bz wif hiz assignments n im bz preparin songs 4 ma crew.Speakin abt songs,me n ma crew took part of d PilihanFm Talentime.I got forms wif me n i have 2 send it 2 d producer b4 d end of diz mth,so wish us GOOD LUCK,yea?Me n Muna so paningggg kepala oredy tinkin abt 6 songs wic is perfect 4 our voice n style.On out lists we have:
    a)Whole Again by Atomic Kitten
    b)Lady Marmalade by Mya,Pink...
    c)Finally Found by Honeyz
    d)Oh Baby I by Eternal
    But we r supposed 2 sing 1 song only so we stilllllllll TINKINNNN wic iz d best 4 us.If u guys loveeee 2 help n contribute any song 4 us,oh wow...a HUGEEEE THNXXXX!!!We appreciate 4 ur help n support!*hugs*....*ouchh*Ma head iz crackin now...i really have 2 stop 4 d i'l update mo stuffs pretty soon when i got chances 2 b online,yeah....Byeeeeeeeeeee loverrrsssssssss....GrrRRRr...LOve Ma Baby Raul....Oh yea,cant wait 4 diz sun!!!Iz gona b FUN!!!!-out-

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