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Liz (eyf29) wrote,
@ 2007-06-11 20:29:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Portishead - Sour Times

    I think I'm developing a twitch...
    or a brain, I think its a twitch.

    Everything is very crazy in one way shape or form...

    1. Family problems I won't even go into, they are problems, but they are being worked on one day at a time. All I'll say is I'm glad my mom is home and that the craziness that is the activity of my house seems to have at least picked up some. Everything will right itself in that department eventually...and even if it doesn't, I can't ask for much more than what I've got now. My family is my family and there's not too much I can do to change it.

    2. I've bent over backwards, stood on my head, spun around 3 times, begged, pleaded and almost promised my first born child if I could be guaranteed more than 3 free tickets to the Rush show coming up on the 22nd. They couldn't guarantee it. So, I spent money to insure I could have tickets. I'm not taking any chances, I want as many of the peeps down here as I can get that I've guaranteed tickets to. After this, I've asked for three tickets to John Mayer, 10th row or better preferably. And I'll probably shoot for Allman Brothers...that's gonna be a great show. Tickets are kind of a pain in the ass, especially when I have random people promising tickets for other people that I can't even guarantee I can get, and by the way, how do you know me like that? You don't, holla back, you get no me a heartless wench, but I don't want to piss off the station and then not get any tickets at all, so if you've known me for less than a year and/or you call me only to find out if you can get tickets, you can just forget it, I'll get you tickets when hell freezes over!(Yes, this is a big rant for me at the moment, since I just dealt with one of those phone calls, don't worry, I'll be over it in a second...k, go!)

    3. I'm working 3 jobs and I'm still pretty much broke. This is mostly because I've started paying for my car insurance and phone...then I weigh in on those bloodsuckers known as student loans. By the time I pay those off, I'm going to be 107...I mean, its worth it, I pay a little bit more off each just sucks to watch 300 smackaroos go out the window, when that could be going towards saving for a place to live....speaking of which...

    4. I'm never going to get out of my parents house...ever...seriously. My student loans take a big chunk out of expenses, and I figure out that by the time I pay that and then factor in rent, groceries, gas, car payment, car insurance and other amenities, I'll be broke and back to square one. So, I'm working on refinancing my loans in a year, when my credit is stronger, and I have some of them paid off a little bit and that might make it easier to move out.

    Sooo, on top of putting aside money for my payments, after last night's conversation with Liz and Erica, I started up my Roth IRA account...I can save money for Tahiti...mmmm, bright spot...then maybe my twitch will go away

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