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jared mollette (eyewforever) wrote,
@ 2003-10-12 14:16:00
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    Current mood: blank
    Current music:Who really gives a shit, honestly~ FULL BLOWN CHOAS

    Well, last nite was a riot. We all went and climbed for awhile last nite and then went to marshalls house where we drank and drank and drank and drank.......etc. Im definately on edge today though, I've never heard Katy say she hates me before. Things are just different between us and yes its all my fault. Im really just worried about things between the two of us though, I could give two shits what her parents think about me, fuck em all. Im gonna be off and away for a while. So who knows exactly what's gonna happen. I used to think I did, but I dont anymore. And Im sure she doesnt either. Which really sux an ass. Im kinda nervous about going to boot camp, I try to imagine what its gonna be like, but.....?You know. Anywayz, tonite is vodka victory nite, I dont know whos brillant idea that was, but I think they forgot today is Sunday, where the hell are we gonna get vodka? Oh well, Jared's life is gonna change again, let's hope its for the better this time. Oh,....I think my new therapist is gonna help me alot. (that's the only good news I have) Bye bye now and fuck off and die

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