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An Angel (ewinlindz) wrote,
@ 2002-02-12 08:12:00
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    Current mood: silly
    Current music:Missy Elliot

    YAY! I know what im getting my bestfriend Carla, for our 10th. :-) im making her a video of Mobile life! I need a fake ID tho so i can get a tattoo on the same night.. U know, to make the video more interesting :-) AHH, its gonna be grand.. i cant wait. I dunno what im gonna get tho. I prolly gonna put it like on my hip or some shat. YAY!! haha sorry.. im just really excited.
    Oh wow, i have a g.f right.. and my g.f is the best.. but i have been sorta kinda crushin on this other girl named Tara.. and well she wrote me this letter and she was pretty flirty..she's bi and everything but we all know im kinda weary when it comes to bisexual girls.. I dunno i just feel like im competing with men and i cant stand that.
    well..neways.. i dont know if i should write her back.. i think she's cute but i really love my g.f. And what if she likes me alot.. i dont really like her like that..i just think we could be good friends.. I guess i just dont want to get put in a situation that will be hard for me to get out of. But neways.. i'll be ok. Aight well i need to get on my hw.. so i'll holla at u kats lata.. peace :-)

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