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Evoke The Passion (evoke) wrote,
@ 2003-07-19 18:59:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:Annie Lennox - Little Bird

    Life is like a ... dream

    Well, 'bout an hour ago, just came home from seeing Terminator 3. Wow. That is a good movie. A lot of action, fight scenes and massive car chases/wrecks. It indicates towards the end that there is gonna be a number 4. Dunno if there really is, but it would be great!!!. It may just be there to keep in in suspence etc.. and keep you wondering. lol.

    There is absolutly nothing on tv tonight. Really boring shows...Its always like that on a saturday. I think i will either stay online or watch a video/dvd. I have plenty!!! But the problem is in choosing which one to watch. Its not that easy!!! lol.

    On the way to the movies, i fell over!! BUGGA lol. I had slip on shoes on, and well the ground wasn't level, and wooops there i went. lol. I scraped my knee. :( oh well, it'll heal...

    Man, im so tired!!!!!!. It sucks. I went to sleep around 9.30pm last night!! So early for me, as usually its like 12pm or 1am. I didn't wake up till 9.30ish this morning! Must of been tired!.

    All for now!!

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