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s e x y . p i n k . k i t t y (evil_pink_kitty) wrote,
@ 2003-08-02 05:05:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Good Charlotte " my bloody valentine "

    Well I changed my journal over to "Blurty" because Ujournal was being queer! Well Umm Friday I woke up @ 12:30 took a shower and downloaded some music, the Blaine came over around 4:00.. His dad picked us up at 5:30 we went to the movies.. met up with Josh and Kim.. we tried to go and see bad boys 2 but I didnt have my ID so me and Blaine went and saw Italian Job instead! It suck [ more than steph ] haha but yeah! We left outta there early we went next store @ the dollar tree go some candy and some *pimp* sunglasses [ pink ones ] Everyone @ the movies were hating on them!! But you know they went and got them a pair [ forreall ] but after that Blaines mom picked us up and we went to KFC and got some food.. went back to his house and ate! Then they brought me home. Willow was on the porch roof.. aww I got her off tho! Shes pregnant [hoe] lol anyways I started to clean but then I just laid down for a sex.. but fell asleep and had a [QUEER] nightmare!! I was scurred! But anyways Ive been downloading lotsa music! Scott is bringing me over some blank CDS! So that I can burn some music! well My birthday is almost here 6 more day!! [ yay ! ] Blaines taking me to busch gardens for my birthday.. we is going with his Big sissy and his 2 sexy nephews! I might be getting my tounge and libre pierced! My brother prolly wont get me anything cause hes [ poor white trash ] soo yeah know! anyways My mom and dad have something planned for me.. i think they might be taking me shopping of something like that! Well yeah thats about it.. I will update later on! Leave me a comment or else I will cry! :((

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