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s e x y . p i n k . k i t t y (evil_pink_kitty) wrote,
@ 2003-08-10 00:07:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:Ims

    :. update .:
    Saturday: woke up around 11:30 took a shower.. Blaines dad picked me up.. we went back to his house.. walked over to Mc donalds.. then on the way back.. my sissy stopped me and I talked to her for a little bit.. she says I look like a freak with my libret pierced [ lol ] anyways she gonna give me my birtday present next week! Well then we left and went back to blaines house left for patrick henry mall.. Blaine got me some pink and black striped kitty socks, 2 cuffs one with pink and black and the other with a kitty on it! from Hot Topic I also got a tinkerbell beanie from there .. Blaine got a pair of Jncos.. we went to eat at chik fil a.. left there @ 5:00 they dropped me off at my house.. the I cleaned the living room and then scott came and got me.. we went back to his house so he could change.. went to the mall.. he got a pantara shirt.. he got me a pink rancid tank top from Hot Topic.. then went to claries when his friend works.. he got me a pink spike braclet and 3 glittery braclets and a pink watch! We left there and went to crawford rd. and fucked with people! Yeh then went to Glouster and road around!! Then to yorktown and chilled at the beach.. He brought me home thats about it!

    : leave biotch :

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