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Steve (evensteven) wrote,
@ 2004-07-15 23:22:00
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    Current mood: optimistic
    Current music:Lifehouse- Sick Cycle Carousel

    Finally I've been heard! Nothing really has changed, but for some reason, things are looking up. I've found some new attitude hidden in me, so now life is looking pretty together! I still have no idea where anythings going, but it'll work out, and Steve is coolio now. So, now I can go back to my awesome stories.. I actually had a serious talk with someone I never thought I would with today, it was pretty weird. She actually came through as a person, not just a walking organic humanoid. Hah, nah dont get me wrong, I have nothing against this she, just shes always seemed to keep things inside herself. Even now, she changed the subject as fast as Moses through the Red Sea(Sorry, BraveHeart). Heres a joke:

    Three Indian women are sitting side by side. The first, sitting on a goatskin, has a son who weighs 170 pounds. The second, sitting on a deerskin, has a son who weighs 130 pounds. The third, seated on a hippopotamus hide, weighs 300 pounds. What famous theorum does this illustrate?...............
    Naturally, the answer is that the squaw on the hippopotamus is equal to the sons of the squaws on the other two hides.

    Hah, sorry, couldn't resist, its the nerd in me. So I met this dude the other night at a party, well didnt really meet him, but I was there, he was there, and I looked at him like a few times, and he looked at me deeply in the eyes, we had this sort of connection....... nooo thats not what happened, he was quite, real quite. Then when he was leaving, he said 'Well, it was(talking while laughing) really great meeting you guys, illlll see ya later(again said while laughing gently). I was so confused, it was like the first thing he had said the whole night, and his gentle jolly laugh and good bye made me feel like I had known him all my life, and that I would see him again, and that we would go flex our necks looking at girls together some time. But no, he was an imposter. I actually tripped him on his way past me, I was drunk and it pissed me off that he was playing with my mind. I played it off as if it was an accident, but I am evil, it was on purpose. No, that didnt happen either.

    Sometimes my mind goes off while im doing something, and I've just realized trying to fight with my mind is pointless, so I'll let it have its way. Theres a white paper plate laying against my brown shoe and it should probably be picked up. I wonder if next year is going to be fun. I hate wires. Man, I wish I was in Costa Rica, like my parents and sister.... I wonder what that one girl is up to(I know the name, just refuse to share it with you:-P). If I was in the desert and could have 1 thing, I'd have a watermelon, because its a food and a drink at the same time. I think I've actually finally gotten over something! Its so exciting! Gosh, this is too long, I think ill shut up

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