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Steve (evensteven) wrote,
@ 2004-02-03 12:43:00
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    Current mood: rejuvenated
    Current music:Mae- This Time is the Last Time

    I had quite the odd dream the other night: My teeth were falling out, one after another. My bro's girlfriend said that usually means you're stressed, so I need someone to volunteer to give me a massage:). Then LAST night I had a dream about being in World War II. I was kicking some ass, and was in a trench that I jumped in to get more ammo, and some fuckers killed all my compadres from a balcony, and there were Germans all over so I pretended to be dead, then when they were all doin something else, then I got my ass up and booked toward friendly lines, where I stabbed a few assholes nazis in the back with my bayonet. Scary thing is I wasn't scared, it was really fun... scary the mind of a man is. I finally got a decent amount of sleep feels so good, last 3 nights before last night I had gotten about 5 hours or less a night. Ohh you want something funny, okay. Well we learned that Freud defines sex as pleasure in any organ... so anyone whose given or received a massage from me, has had sex with me! Im sluuuutty.. Actually if you're laughed at me before, we've had sex! You were good by the way;). No funny stories of me walking today, i'll try to produce some:).

    The Stevenator

    P.S. Its my hott body I do what I want
    P.S.S. Comment and I'll have 'sex' with you!

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