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chiliweezer (evenball25) wrote,
@ 2003-10-26 22:13:00
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    Current mood:oily

    great balls of ... grease?
    I am not sure if I am feeling better or worse. I am still confused and the future constantly fazes me. I am also feeling very greasy and oily. I am probably feeling like a greaseball because I feel like a fraud, especially in school. For instance, I have taken French class for the past three years and yet I barely can manage to say two sentences without stumbling. Somehow I fooled the teacher into giving me A's for the past three years. Or maybe I am feeling like a greaseball because my face is secreting so much oil. Or maybe it's both. Because I am a fake, my face becomes greasy and the consequences of me becoming a fake is a face blothed with red exploding volcanoes of pus. The red blotched face points me out as a fake and warns other to stay clear of me. It there was such a thing as fake-dar, it would detect me. I am full of hypocrises and empty promises. However, I really have cutted back on making promises.

    Life is really hard. I am sure you heard that phrase before. It really is hard. But I guess the answer that follows that phrase is, "so what live with it."

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