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Lady_Yuna (evangilist) wrote,
@ 2003-04-10 17:58:00
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    Current mood: thoughtful
    Current music:FF10 - Hymn of Fayth

    Right, I am officially dead schoolwork's not done...which means that all hell will break loose when I'm back in school (which starts in 2 days), esp. since I have a "devil" as my teacher (she claims that she's one so I'm giving her that title)

    I have tests cramped up all together which I haven't studied for and worse of all, I'm sick...

    this has been one tough week, I don't know what I'll do once school starts and I have to see that horrible maths teacher again...don't get me wrong...I love maths, I just hate the teacher...grrrr

    on a much lighter note...I got a new idea for a new fanfiction! yay! I think I'll write one on Seymour and Yuna :) but I can only start writing when I finish with the current one, cos I think my friend's right, if I start on a new one, I'll get distracted and give up on the other one :(

    was doing my chinese compo just now, but got slightly distracted...I tried changing the name of Seymour from English to Chinese and guess what I discovered? If I'm not wrong, I think I might have a clue about what the producers might have been thinking when they named him Seymour...cos him name in chinese means eastern monster and if guadosalam is in the east...(I'm not really sure it is)...and the producers think of Seymour as a monster...then it fits doesn't it? hmmm...or it might just be illogical guessing on my part...*shrugs* well, who knows?

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