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Evan (evan5576) wrote,
@ 2004-02-07 13:37:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:Sister Hazel "Your Winter"

    umdnj was great
    Thursday was the UMDNJ tests for me. I had to take Anatomy and Dynamics of healthcare. Sounds like fun huh? Well I have to say that it wasnt that bad so i wont complain about it.
    After we all finished however, i had an awesome time. Crystal brought up something about certain people having sex and what they would be doing during sex. First victom was the lil' gansta Andrew. Andrew would be having sex while listening to Ludacris's latest album and laughing his ass off while he's hittin it. It was said that I would be watching a game and say "Touchdown over there, touchdown right here." John would be asking the girl if he had her vote while he was hittin it and then about half way through glance at the TV and say "oooh CNN". Crystal would not even start messing around with a guy becaus the sheets were messed up so he had to get out of the bed so she could do some laundry and remake the bed. Haratz would say "That's not how my butler does it." Kelsey would say "Hey let me show you what i learned in gymnastics today." God i wish that were true. lol. Justin would be complaining saying "Man i am bored, i'm hungry, or I'm tired." Harrison would be hittin it on a surf bored saying "Hang 10". And the last one i remember is Susan would stop because the OC is on.
    I just finished up my Chem h/w and now i am gonna take a nap cuz i'm sick. I will be better by the 15th though so don't worry guys. Thats all i got so bye.

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