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-Isbet- (etish) wrote,
@ 2003-08-26 18:55:00
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    Current mood:emotional
    Current music:alejandro sanz : amiga mia

    Today was awsome but at the same time sad. My friends made a goodbye party. We all went to T.G.I. Fridays . First the problem was space and all hahahah they got pretty desperate but it was all good. Then diana get out some presents for us. It was a toperware (sp) with home made brownies ... yumm!!! Then all my friends sign the tw. It was pretty sad saying bye to my bestfriends ... it made me cry but just cuz i love them. They r just pretty amazing tho am sure i'll come back on december and be all excited telling them about it.

    About boys well i'm super super confused. See i use to like my best friend. he's super sweet , fun , smart and so cool. *today he cried when we said bye (aww) * . But then i stop to crush him.. But then one of his friends told me he also likes me so ya am pretty confused :s. Then there's new guy . He's kind of a freak but an adorable freak :P. He's all punk and stuff. And well today we like kind of flirted with me and gave me even a pen :). Then there's this other guy that i call "my geeky" . He's very cute and sweet . But am confused sometimes i think he likes me but sometimes i dont.... But oh well if something happens happens if not , then no.

    Also i forgot one of my bestfriends gave me a really ebautiful present . It'sd really cute cause she haves one like mine so it's really meaningful ..


    p.s. i have a huge crush on the lead singer of american hi fi

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