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Darke (ethicallypervrs) wrote,
@ 2003-08-17 21:09:00
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    Current mood: tired

    Spent most of the weekend in the library. Did some homework. Sketched, mostly. Damn anti-social mood. Heh.
    Oh yes, and let's not forget that I've been in detention the last two nights. Although, given my current mood, it's been sort of a blessing (never thought I would say that..). I haven't had to talk to anyone. So I haven't minded. And it's over now.

    Received an owl from Nic last night. Looks like he's not going to get to transfer to Hogwarts afterall. We've been trying for more than three years and thought his mum & dad would finally give in. But they want him where he's at for a year or two longer at least, because he's closer to home and they feel it's the 'school for him'. Sigh. Bloody hell, I was hoping we could talk them into it. They sent me a note as well, apologizing but stating that they were steadfast in their decision. They did invite me to come & stay with them & Nic over holidays and summer. They're nice and I like them, but.. sigh, I miss Nic. He's been my best pal since we were 6 or 7 and even now it's still so empty without him.

    Maybe I will stop in for a visit with them over holidays. Beats going home and facing Seif and the mother & father, doesn't it.

    The canvas is black again. I'm starting to think it's either predicting the day I'm having, or my mood. It's been black on the miserable days and other colours on other days. I don't know, maybe I'm seeing more into it than is there.

    I'm tired. Haven't been sleeping much. The dreams (and that damnable nagging little voice) are coming back. Phuckity-phuck to that.

    Note to self: Get another sketchbook. My current one is nearly filled.

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