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Eliza Patricia Dushku (eternal_eliza) wrote,
@ 2003-06-23 12:23:00
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    Current mood: discontent
    Current music:Thursday __ Understanding in a crash


    Ok, so, I lied, the layout didn't last any longer, I just changed it, and I love this one even more. I went and put a Tru Callings photo on my sidebar because i've gotta keep up the shameless self promotion. You all love it though, don't hate ok?

    Lurking is bad and wrong and I will almost never do it again. I am not lurking now, but Anna is. James also. Greg is getting mad at people for lurking but he's lurking too. What the hell man? Loser, I swear. Apparently I missed out on some spin the bottle action, so I get to do the sisterly thing with Jesse now. Partially because I haven't talked to Nate in an ungodly amount of time, and partially because some people who shall remain nameless kellymattandothers were being asses or something. SHAME ON YOU. I'm not afraid to turn on members of my own cult >:o. I will no longer scream "Hack the planet" until you apologize, mmk? -Shakes her head- Shame, shame.. oh, Holly lurked too. What the fuck man? Stop it you people. Tom aswell. Tom's lurking seriously pissed me off, how could you Tom? I sat all alone for hours; Adam signed off at 7 and Jesse just got on; and you were lurking?! >:o. I'm with holding all hot pocket and monopoly privalidges. Bad Tom.

    I love my friends, is the bulk of this next paragraph. Everyone is so open and loving, hah, it's great really. Sometimes when I know you really don't give a fuck you go the extra mile, it's nice and I really do appreciate it. And even when I sit here and say how much I suck, and I do say it to the grave, along with my lack of icon skills and -- oh I could go on, you all know this; you do nothing but contradict me. Back in the day Michelle would beat me up and whatnot for saying that. I remember for two months straight I had my "Friends until the bitter fucking apocolyptic end even if monkey with frickin' laser beams attatched to their head try to kill people and stuff" icon collection pimped out. That's the shit right there, even if Michelle is years young [ Wow don't I feel old now.. ] I don't care, she's always been the one I relate to the best [ Sans Vince ]. And if she wasn't on vacation right now i'm over one hundred percent positive she would sit and type out a big mushy reply to this post about how she loves me, because she's done it before, and i'd do the same thing for her. We're like dis ;]. I know I have alot of best friends, but I don't see a downside to it. I miss most of you; Sarah, Kirsten, etc. We had good times, and I wanna get back to that.

    Wow, went on a rant there did I? And I still have much, much more to say. I'll save it for my post for later on; Anna just signed on and i'm going to uberspam talk to the people Jesse was telling me about. Beware, people. Beware..

    EDIT __ How silly of me to forget. Vince hasn't been around for a couple of days, four or five I think? Eh, so I went out and rented "The Unsaid". Usually I steer clear of his movies becauseIgetwickedjealousofallthosesexscenes but a while ago he assured me that this one would be ok. And it was sex scene free! but let me tell you, that was a fucking sick movie.. incest.. -Shudder-. It was, uh, good. Hahaha.. ok gotta talk to Holly and Ali now :-* LITTLE LARTERS.

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