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Estelle (estelle) wrote,
@ 2003-08-25 15:36:00
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    Piano Man
    This friend of mine sent me an email on the 7th of August and I didn't respond back until the 20th. Now, she hasn't written me back, mostly out of spite. I didn't respond right away because I was so busy this month. For beginners, I am moving, which isn't exactly a day project. Anyhow, she wrote this email to me...

    Hi Elle,

    It's been too long since we have talked. What's up with you? How is your
    summer going? Read lots of books?

    I've been insane with homework. You know, last summer was fine, classes were
    great, easy, just had essay tests, no big deal. This summer...pure torture. I
    have so much work to do, and it is really hard. Cripes. I am so glad I'll be
    done next week. This ASL stuff is really getting hard, and it is SO
    demanding. I still like it, but when I know there is a test or a quiz or a
    project due, I get so worked up I get sick. Just ridiculous. Plus, there are
    some problems in Joel's family right now, and it is so tough to come back to
    school and concentrate when I know all the shit that is going on back at home.
    Like I said, I can't wait until next Thursday, around 7 pm. :)

    Sorry, didn't mean to rant. I haven't been able to watch SATC since the 3rd
    episode because Dale doesn't let anyone touch his TV, because he tapes crap on
    like 4 VCRs all day long. Very strange. I can see wanting to catch your
    favorite shows, but come on, 4 VCRs?????

    They just opened all the new stores in the mall in GB, so I was thinking maybe
    we could meet Friday the 22nd for lunch, shopping, a movie, whatever??
    My friends are getting married on that day, and the church part is at 2,
    but I don't think Joel is taking off of work, and I don't want to go alone,
    so that day might work. Let me know if there is a better day for you,
    because I'll have the 19th-22nd off, and then I'll only be working a little
    bit the following week. I start school again on the 2nd (barf.).

    Talk to you soon,

    So, in her email, she rants about school and her living situation (which is awkward at best) and asks me only one question...about my fucking summer. Big fucking deal. Then she asks to make plans like a fucking month ahead of time, knowing full well that I am moving this month and that the weekends are really the only time me and my roommates can get together and work on it. It is so annoying. I especially love that she always makes plans according to what days and times she knows that she won't have plans with her boyfriend. God. I think that is so pathetic. Putting off your own life sot hat you can focus on his life 100% of the time. But she is so like that. This is the only boy she has dated in the four years I knew no wonder she puts so much into the relationship and bends over backwards to please him. She is fearful that she will lose him, which is inevitable anyhow.

    But, what is especially annoying is the fact that she continues to email me at this old address that I check once every couple weeks. I constantly tell her my new address and that she should email me there, but she is too fucking lazy to change it n her address book. Lazy bitch. It makes we wonder why I ever did respond to her previous email. I wish I didn't. It would make no difference to me if she was cut out of my life completely. She really doesn't add much to the group and she irritates me more than anything. I don't think I will respond to her next pointless email. And it isn't like she is that fun to go shopping with.

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