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.purrdy.ladi. (erykah17) wrote,
@ 2003-08-03 04:51:00
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    Current mood:tired
    Current music: sarai - ladiez

    ...days are getting a little better eh?...
    i slep in late again.. like i fucking always do.. just hung around the house for a bit, Col left and went to her house then came back ate Pizza and then left for the fair. We stayed there and went on a couple of rides. it was so fucking boring so we left and fucking started to walk to irving. We saw TJ and talked to him for a bit then we took a walk down the road and back looking for ne one we knew, we saw Sean but i dont think that he knew that it was us.. then after that we saw a buncha hermon people at the irving and Col and I just sat there and then starting walking up Main St. haha my brothers ex gurlfriend saw Col and I walking and was liek WTF haha she picked us up and went and got beer. Bird was with her 2 hes fucking crazy! haha.. we went to where she is living (WICED NICE!) and then we went to Todd & Ronnie's place. I didnt know 2 many people there. It was some Christina gurls birthday shes wicked pretty. and i think Emily was there but im not sure if that was really her or not haha.. but ne ways, then Morgan brought us back home before that she went to the store and got Col Cigs. and then Col and I just hung around the house a bit, drank and smoked a little.. Fucking i talked to kasey on the phone for a little while and cleared some shit up, and then fucking i had a beep and it was Chris and Shawn, i talked to then for like 3 mins and then they decided that they wanted to hang out for a bit so they came and we just hung out downstairs and talked and shit.. kinda boring, Shawn gave me his number and told me to call him if I wanted to hang out with him. and Morgan told me to call her, i think i wanna hang out with her this weekend haha i miss her man! lol.. well im wicked tired and i wanna try to get rid of thease fucking bags under my eyes.. ttyl much love
    <3 eAo..

    oh yuh new e-mail addy..

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