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Leanne (erk_my_leg) wrote,
@ 2003-03-14 14:28:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Something Vague-Bright Eyes

    1. If u could only have 5 friends in the whole world, who would they be and why?
    a. Jared-He's my best friend and I can trust him with my life..
    b. Kirk-He makes me laugh? ANNIE MOSHING!!
    c. Billy-He's the best guy friend I have and the only one that is ever there when I need someone..
    d. Travis-Because he's so kewl and..yeah
    e. Julia-She's just so kewl and she has a sexii American Accent

    2. If u were stranded on an Island, what 5 items(NO PEOPLE) would u bring and why?
    a. CD Player
    b. CD's
    c. Clothes
    d. Cosmetics/toiletries..
    e. Some storage food so I dont starve until I get use to the enviroment

    3. What are 5 songs that u think people will never forget and why?
    a. New Found Glory-My friends over you(They played it out)
    b. Good Charlotte-Lifestyles of the rich and famous(Because it's contradiction..)
    c. Avril Lavigne-Complicated(Played out her's all the same)
    d. YMCA-The Village People(Obvious reasons)
    e. Canadian Anthem(Because it shows representation)

    4. Most are the 5 most emoitions do u feel the most in life?
    a. Depression
    b. Hyperness
    c. Irateness
    d. HATE
    e. Love

    5. Which 5 of your favorite family members and why u like them the most?
    a. My Brother-He's my other half and it's hard being away from him..
    b. Ayana(my other mom)-She's really Justin's mom but she's my mom also..I <3 her
    c. Justin-He's like my big brother..even though he's only 7 months older than me
    d. Steven(my other dad)-He gives me money..haha..<33
    e. -----

    6. Name 5 reason you live for life?
    a. Family
    b. Friends
    c. Love
    d. Music..if you know me you'll know why..
    e. I have a phobia of death

    7. What r your 5 fav songs at the moment?
    a. Headstrong-Trapt
    b. Cute without the e-Taking back Sunday
    c. Forfeit-Chevelle
    d. Bulimic-The Used
    e. What it is to burn-Finch

    8. What 5 people make you feel the best?
    9. what 5 people could spend everyday with and never get tired of?
    b.Jared(I already do)
    c.Andrew(I already do)
    d.Justin(I already do)
    10. what are your 5 favorite things to do?
    a. Sleep
    b. Talk on the computer
    c. Be with friends
    d. Go to concerts
    e. Whatever I feel like doing

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