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..s.t.e.f.. (eremoxinside) wrote,
@ 2004-01-29 19:06:00
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    Current mood: cheerful
    Current music:the musical melodies in my brain hehehehe

    hehehe toady was the funniest day ever!! starting of course with mass haha!! okay when there's like an irish convention you jsut gotta say something!! me anna and kristen were just making jokes nonstop haha --- "it's like luck of the irish in here"_" i bet they put like lucky charms in there!"_"do you think they put marshmallows in those christ chex??"_hahahhaha best ever_"who ever said mixing cereals wasn't good??"_"they're spiritually delicious!!" --- hahaha omg in the middle of church score!! oh yeah and how the hell come those choir people didn't know what they were doing lol yes inside mass jokes are the best haha . . . then we went back to school for our game . . . going to dutchess with carlos claire kayla me and kristen haha my 3D glasses omg those were hot as hell . . SORRY YOUR FRIES GOT EATEN AMANDA!! hahha . . let's stick this big fry up in the middle so it looks like there's alot haha . . we and claire look like the monopoly guy with our little monocles . . I'D LOVE TO BE A PARKING LOT CLEANER WHEN I GROW UP! lol . . oh yeah my glasses were almost as cool as dr. walsh's today - yeah anna he did look like bionicle man hahaha . .

    okay we all ended up getting signed up for this surprise student appreciation thing tomorrow (how did that happen?) but that's okay as long as we all get picked or none of us gets picked it's all good haha oh yeah . . ya know in front of the whole school that's gunna be weird . . but alot of people signed up lol so it's all good . . :eyeroll: i wonder.....ponder ponder lol . . . talk about student appreciation day tomrorow i have the BEST deedee or d.w...long sweeney...and drop mrs green...F___ YEAH!! lol.... well ciao i will tell you who gets picked and what the hell we had to do hahaha oh yeah good times at saint joe's!

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