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teh alex (erekose) wrote,
@ 2004-03-23 22:56:00
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    Do you like meat, or does meat like you?
    Yeah, so it has been a long time since i updated, since before my spring break. Matt is, of course, on the level with this. so, a lot has happened, although nothing too bad, as far as i can tell.

    Spring Break:
    One sentence:

    So i got down to vegas last saturday and didnt do a lot, as far as i can remember, i just chilled with my dad. no wait, we went and saw the Passion of Jesus Christ....for me it was the third time. that was cool. after that what did i do? Yes, I went to Matt's house with jeremy. and boy was that fun. everyone was there and there was some ninja gaiden, and some love shared all around. I brought bryson my buck knife because i got a CRKT....but the best part was when we busted out with the double dash. it was jeremy and i versus matt and marcus the beltran. there was so much random sexy awesomeness in that room that jeremy and i stayed the night and didnt leave until jeremy got his female like sleeping habits bit into by matts parents, who needed him to move his car. silly jeremy, sleeping until one thirty in the afternoon.
    Sunday. Gun show. gun show sucked, alex was pissed, so alex went to the mall and got a pimp ass nixon "the scout" watch....i rule. Later that night jeremy and i went and played volleyball in green valley. when we drove up, two people were porkin it like mad crazy in a car with the door open. alex laughed, jeremy laughed, much fun was had by all. the people playing in the court next to us were apparently highly religious, even more so than me i am very religious i just know how to have fun with everything, make jokes about everything, and i am comfortable in the knowledge that i wont be condemned for yeah, the peoplenext to our court were apparently anal with their religion and took offense to me yelling 'FUCK' at the top of my lungs when i screwed up one of my serves. seriously, i yelled it loud. really loud, everyone laughed except for the anal dillholes who packed up their shit and left. silly kids, life is for fun, they can eat my ass.
    Monday-thursday. I worked on the Stag a bit, for the most part, these days are a haze, i just hung around and ate a lot, it was cool and i had fun, i hung out with Russ, Dad, and quite randomly Jeremy. i say randomly because it was that, random, it'd be like...."dude, lets hang." and then we'd hang.
    Friday- two words...Battlefield Vietnam.....for four and a half hours. we went to planet x and gamed. everyone made it except for joe, wade, and bryson. after a few hours everyone left. shortly after all the guys left, my brother left. then Px1 enforced curfew, so more people left. then jeremy and i started up Battlefield Vietnam.....i took first in all but two of the times we played. jeremy and i ruled in that game, what with him plying the choppers and me gunning and then getting over a check point and yelling "i'm gonna take the flag, keep this bitch close." then i would jump out and take the flag. Matt, next time, when we all play, you and me in the dual chain huey, jeremy at the helm, m-60 loadout, we'll be unstoppable. OH YEAH! so yeah, that night, i probably killed more vietnamese people than the americans did in the actual conflict......the ENTIRE conflict.
    Saturday- sadly i had to leave this day. but before i left, jeremy and i went out to lunch with the awesome wonderfullness that are both Aubi and Kelly. aubi and kelly were and hour and a half late, but the love was still there, they came up behine me and aubi threw me into a real nice bear hug while i was sitting. kelly seemed shy. either way, we ate, and aubi and kelly got their artwork, and they loved it (so did my dad, my dad loved the piece that i did for kelly, that made me proud and i really love my dad). so yeah, i nearly missed my flight, i would have been five minutes before takeoff, but the plane itself was twenty minutes late, that helped.

    later on saturday night i hung out with tricia some more. HOLY HELL THAT WOMAN IS FUN TO HANG OUT WITH! we hung out sunday night as well.
    oh yeah, southwest lost my luggage, so i spent saturday night and almost all of sunday worrying about it. i got it back at 7.35p.m. on sunday night. grrr. at least i have clothes again.

    sunday, did nothing, got bag back. chilled at tricia's

    monday. school started, irealized once more that i dont like physics when you cant use calculus. got my test back and got a grade better than what i thought it would have been, and it wasnt too great. Played ninja gaiden for most of the day, then accidentally lost everything that i did that day due to a mistake i made while saving, i loaded an old game, and then saved it over the game that was farther ahead....i was pissed. but later got back to where i had been. i was still very pissed.

    Tuesday- went to sociology, didnt go to math. i played ninja gaiden some more. i love that game. i ate a lot too. then i did some art/am still doing some art. and then matt got on and was updating so we felt that i should update too. so i did. i love you.

    remember these words.
    dont be a fool wrap your tool.
    wrap it in foil before you check her oil.
    holy fuck. i love chocolate.
    "so, is Tarshish the dot thats way far away from the Jew bubble?"

    and last but not least:
    this one time at alex camp, i was doing this one midgit chick and she was all loving it. she was all like "ooh" and "ahh" and "ooh" and "ahh." and then matt came in the room and was all like "world of warcraft?" and i was all like "world of warcraft!" and then no-one was ever really able to figure out what happened to the midgit chick.....sad.

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