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teh alex (erekose) wrote,
@ 2004-02-16 16:28:00
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    Yeah, so for reasons that i really dont want to go into right now, valentines day sucked. the only good thing about it was that i got to help make it a great day for Matty and Erin. it was really cool. Matty had all of erins friends dress up like secret agents i.e. all black, sunglasses etc. and they had to meet erin at certain places around the city. it rocked. the first stop was at the JTSU and Monica gave erin the heart and it led her up to the equivalent of a make out spot...erin actually got there before the next CIA agent, but Sara pulled it off....erin was waiting in her car, and Sara pulled up next to her, put on sunglesses, got out of her car, had erin roll down the window and gave fer the heart. after that erin had to go to a marble slab where she would meet the man of her dreams, except she met Sammy, dressed up as Matty...with skintight jeans....yeah, but either way erin had to go all the way back to her house....where matty and i were setting things up.

    we set a table up in the middle of a room....covered it with lit tealight candles, hershey kisses, and roses...put some "champagne" into a bucket of ice, and waited for erin to show almost went perfectly except erin didnt call before she got there like she was supposed i had to duck into alyssia's room (jesika's sister) and waited until the sounds of kissing diminished, and then i tried to sneak out...and i almost got out w/o being noticed...if only i had had my black pants on as opposed to jeans....the slow moving blue caught erins eye right before i made it out of the room damn betraying didnt matter that i was moving totally silently, my pants betrayed time i wont wear any.....or at least just wear black ones. yeah, so either way, we got it to work out for matty. my valentines day sucked ass, but i made sure that matty's was great.

    in other news....spencer got a broken nose that day, and i found out today that Matt (not matty) got a chance to work things out with our friend wade. that rocks. speaking of know what else rocks?! the fact that i'll be in Vegas next weekend! Oh!

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