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teh alex (erekose) wrote,
@ 2004-02-12 20:59:00
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    So, let me tell you how great my day was today. I spent most of the day doing physics and hating every minute of it, but......

    Today i went to InterVarsity (the christian fellowship for college kids) and i gave my testimony about how i became a christian, and that scared me shitless. so why was my day so great you ask? thats two things that werent good, where do you get a great day from that?

    Here we go, after i gave my testimony....i got a great ovation, i did a great job besides being scared out of my wits. but to top it off, after the final song of worship, and after intervarsity had finished....Erin screamed...for the record, Erin is the girlfriend of my cousin Matty. why did she scream you ask? well let me tell you, but i'll be a little vague....a. saturday is valentines day......b.erin complained all week about having to go down to vegas to see Matty for valentines day.........c. Erin's scream wasn't one of fear or bloodcurdling death, it was one of great have you gotten the picture yet? no, sad.....MATTY CAME UP TO RENO FOR ERIN FOR VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!! a lot of people would say, dude, its just your what? well mr. questions....Matty is perhaps one of the greatest people on Earth! he is just like my close friends, and is great fun to hang out with...he's so close that he should really be my brother. safe to say, i love him. to see him today, and for most of the rest of the weekend, is totally the greatest thing i've done in reno since he left. to see how happy he made erin and to see him again totally almost made me cry, seriously. matty totally did something that erin never expected him to do, and it makes me so happy. i really really hope that matty asks erin to marry him soon...those two go so well together...heh, if i said that to matty, he'd tense up....erin would say, man, go ahead and g talk to him...seriously, those two are perfect for each other....i wish them the best and i pray that they DO get married, and that Erin actually become part of that which is a great family. yeah, Matty. Erin. i love you.

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