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Enraged (enragedbeauty13) wrote,
@ 2003-05-13 22:17:00
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    Current mood: mellow
    Current music:Tool - Stinkfist



    Refuse to fall, and be cradled by a soft touch

    Rather fall alone, and be cradled by silence and solitude

    Break apart and not break another…


    Let it all sink in, and not flood out

    Quick to hide, but not conceal

    Painted in a stare, what lies beneath

    Nothing to conceal, just truth within a stare

    A single stare to make insides cringe with emotion

    Nothing to do but stir within

    Mixed emotion, nothing to do but wait…

    Wait until it breaks open…


    And contained within me


    Not just a face, or a body, or a figment…

    Of someone’s imagination, but a mind

    Not painted “beauty” for the world to marvel at

    But plain truth embodied

    Not colored “beautiful” to grow envious at…

    Simple beauty to just explore

    Mystery behind the eyes…

    So dark, yet reflective…

    Mirror what she’s seen

    Invade her mind to know and feel what she has

    Cradle her closely until she reveals all…

    Taking you to the darkest and deepest corners of her soul





    All bottled up, not to fear…

    No hurt to be unleashed

    Simple care, tenderness at the heart, no judgement to fear

    All this not in a body, but a mind…

    The simplest of beauty…

    Simple yet complex

    Dare to See?

    Sugar Sweet


    Seems like every corner I turn contains something or someone turned sour

    To sugar sweet with just a simple action or simple words

    Tainted, but coated perfect for the ever so imperfect world to accept

    Sweet on the outside, sour within…

    Or am I the one epitomizing that?

    It’s not “sweetness” that lies on top…

    Just fakeness painted “sweet” so eyes don’t become sore

    So the mind doesn’t contemplate sincerity and dishonesty

    Everyone has a little “sweetness” to them

    Just don’t let it be the kind that seeps into a truth filled mind

    Don’t sugarcoat the world for me…

    Don’t paint it sweet for my eyes to smile at, don’t block my words with sweet replies

    I’ll be sour for the world to see

    Don’t try and sugarcoat me

    I’ll see through the transparency placed upon me

    Can’t fool my mind…

    Too precious and complex to be broken apart

    Sour on the outside, sweet on the inside

    Or is it just the opposite?

    Decide what you want

    I’m not painted sweet for the world to see…

    But what is it that you see?

    Not here to fade into this surreal world

    But to stand apart from it…

    Don’t paint me sugar sweet…

    Better yet, don’t paint me anything at all

    Leave me as I am…

    Imperfect for the world to see

    hope you all liked...

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