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stu (enola_alone) wrote,
@ 2004-01-14 22:59:00
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    Current mood:anxious/envious/mellow/numb...
    Current music:Fortune Faded - Red hot chilli peppers! :D

    Old friends and ties,
    Ex giving me a bit more shite this evening which is nice of her. lol Still she got blocked on msn so hopefully i wont have to see her emails now either.

    Hoping i can sort something out with Ally soon, either so i blow it or something else, i'm getting to the pitch now where i hate hanging on to this love that i want to give her so i think i like either to get with her (obviously) or be blown out for ease. i need to move on perhaps. i don't know still!

    However i had some great words from two friends this afternoon, one i shant mention but she really helped me out and gave me some help with my confidence. Also Emma, who yet again i've known flaming years sends me a message and it just filled me back up with some happy stuff, i feel a bit better although it's still hard, i struggle sleeping at nights.

    we'll just have to see, but still, not suicidal so much now, thanks guys! :D

    ooh some other good news that cheered me up is that the house is being looked at by the first people who might want to buy it, fingers corssed for £375,000!

    Stu xxx

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