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Jeff (endlesscycle) wrote,
@ 2003-11-03 18:17:00
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    count to three and hold your breath
    ok so today was pretty cool, to start the day it was ummm ok, the cunfuzel is still in my head about a certain someone, so i dont know, but then 3rd and 4th hour rocked, ok in 3rd hour we watched a movie and arnt doing any work, i hope to go visit french sometime this week too during third hour, but then 4th oh ya, my teacher didnt make us turn our homework in so im doing it tonight and doing it well, im like a lazy genius in that class, so im really happy, but then 5th we are watching the movie Glory, it has Mathew Broadrick (i bet i spelled that wrong), Morgan Freedmen, Denziel Washington, and the guy from princess bride u know the main one i dont remeber his name but him, and i bet i misspelled some other names here but oh well, so in 6th hour me serena and stephany just talked the whole hour, which was great, then i went to sonic with Eric, Shane, and Chantelle, i got to here some pretty cool stories from those guys, but ya then i got home did some stuff for my mom, grrrrrrr, then im planning on going to ice cream with serena and nate and some others, but ya today rocked

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