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wustvox (wustvox) wrote in emosucks,
@ 2006-08-08 09:42:00
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    Current mood:BulbouS
    Current music:.: The sound of emo failurE ! :.

    .: ! The END of emO ! :.
    Change is in the air. I can taste it, smell it, see it, and I can HEAR it. We are, as a movement, on the very cusp of what will soon be a thunderous musical revolution. How do I know this? How do I KNOW that the Emo rats are living numbered days wrapped in what they think is a very secure blanket of musical genre?

    The answer is simple; fads do not last, especially in modern times when things change so fast. “Alternative” music, the genre from which emo derives it’s very genetics, is an old and tired beast indeed. Alternative music died long before Kurt Cobain made it a popular mainstream style and while it may have gained some false steam through his death, it is slowly but very surely decaying.

    How do I know this? I’ve seen it happen before. The emo kids certainly won’t believe me because most of them are far to young to realize what is unavoidable. Alternative styled music is anything BUT alternative anymore. Everyone is into emo, regardless of how new the genre “feels”. The mainstream is the path of certain death for all styles that enter into it because people can only take so much of something as a popular movement before it becomes tired and over processed. This will happen even to other disgusting trash genres such as rap.

    If you don’t believe me, just listen to the music! I’ve done plenty of emo-research and it doesn’t sound good, or at least not good for the emo kids. Here’s some fine examples. Take the band Thursday. Of course I’ve seen this band deny in music magazine interviews that they are even an emo band but this is of no consequence. All big name bands reject their genre once they themselves become disgusted with it or are tired of being pigeon-holed into genres in the first place. This could be seen in the goth genre when Sisters of Mercy denied being goth or when Kurt Cobain tried to deny being grunge. Anyway, if you listen to Thursday’s album “Waiting” which is quite “old” you will find a lot more raw and real a feeling than when you listen to later and far more processed albums like “War all the time” or later. In between that they did an album called “Full Collapse” which was probably the best album they could do. After that, the one trick pony has been exhausted by the record company and the record executives demand more commercial sounding music, hence “War all the Time” and other garbage that will follow. The emo kids might not see this now, but give them a few years to get through their whiney high-school phase and they will see it if they like it or not.

    Here are some more examples. We all may be utterly disgusted by Dashboard Confessional but yes, I’ve researched there as well. Chris Carrabba would have done better to stay with his old band Further Seems Forever but instead he chose to move on to something more palatable and more acoustic; more mainstream. Well, take two albums and compare them. First there is “The places you have come to fear the most” which as whiney as it may be is much less processed and “meaning-full” (*shudder*) than “A mark, a mission, a brand, a scar”. Any worthless emo kid cannot tell me otherwise; I’ve listened to them both and I can clearly HEAR which one is better. If any single person thinks that the newer more processed album is better overall, well then you must really be a moron in musical denial.

    In the past with non-emo “alternative” genres we can see the same thing. Nirvana is a fine example. Although “Nevermind” was probably the most popular album, it was by far not the best; Kurt Cobain said so himself! He hated it compared to what he wanted to really do with his music. He said that the drums were over-compressed and that the whole album was far too commercial and glossy! I could reference this in several ways if I had to but anyway. Before “Nevermind” there was the “Incesticide” album full of B-sides and there was “Bleach”. Both of those were far better concerning musical meaning and “soul” than an over-processed album like “Nevermind”. The masses loved “Nevermind” but often Nirvana would refuse to even play “Smells like teen spirit” on stage after they started playing arenas. Of course we all know, or rather the older “kids” who were there and were teens at the time know, what happened and why it happened. Kurt Cobain killed himself because he was sick and tired of being mainstream…NOT because he had a heroin addiction, but because he was fed up with being hassled by millions of idiots who all “knew how he felt because they felt like that too”.

    Of course, we probably won’t see any emo celebrity suicides because none of the bands even come close to containing someone as intelligent or disturbed as Kurt Cobain. I’m not glorifying him but hell, listen to the music and compare! Real angst? Nirvana. Processed angst? Modern emo bullshit.

    I should add, for those who wish to bicker over what is and is not “emo”; this too is a process of all styles once they hit the mainstream. The little scenesters who want to see their scene restored to what it was before their whole high-school embraced it will be the first to remind us that things like Thursday and Dashboard Confessional may or may not be emo. They’ll site band names like The Get Up Kids, Sunny Day Real Estate or some other such nonsense. The fact is, that music sucks too, and while it may be the more authentically emo styled music of the bunch, it will remain forever fused to the “non”-emo bands that they hate for ruining their genre. An analogy would be Marilyn Manson being fused to goth styled music; although he may not be a representation of traditional underground goth style, he is fused to the goth genre through it’s entrance into the broad mainstream. Nothing anyone can do will change it.

    Anyway, what I’m getting at is that the degradation of a genre once it hits the mainstream is not only likely, it’s unavoidable. On the Emo Hate Reich page we’ve mentioned the Disco Revolution that took place in 1979.

    Here is a link;

    When this revolution took place, it was not the people involved in Disco that made the final movement possible, it was the people who HATED the music itself! If you have parents or know anyone who was around for it, ask them! THEY were the people congregated at Comiskey Park when Steve Dahl and Garry Meier, two DJs for the radio station WLUP in Chicago, Illinois came up with a promotion that involved people bringing unwanted disco records to a baseball game for a discount on admission. Most of the records ended up sailing through the stands during the game, nearly inciting a riot. After the first game, Dahl came out along with the records in a box rigged with a bomb. When the bomb was set off, thousands of fans ran onto the field. Some started their own fires and mini-riots. The people taking part in this mass destruction of disco music were the people who were fed up with hearing it all over the radios and seeing the mindless hordes of disco drug addicts everywhere they went.

    The disco music had gotten so bad that it was literally unavoidable and no-one could stop the inevitable. If you trace disco back to when it was new, there was probably no-one that really had much against it and the people enjoying it felt a fresh sense of creation when they danced to the beat.

    This too, shall be the fate of emo and there is nothing anyone can do to avoid it! The emo kids will have to see for themselves as they buy album after album, attempting in vain to recreate the same high they felt off that first Dashboard Confessional or Thursday song on an album from “long” ago. They will have to see that all things change and they will eventually have to admit to themselves that they are in fact following a trend. Getting into bluegrass music, classical music, or new-wave music whilst being a high-school youngster would be out of the mainstream. Even though they are ancient or old, that would be much more out of the mainstream than what they are doing now.

    The other and better option would be to CREATE something new somehow. To do this, one would have to be talented musically, however; something very unlikely for the majority of the trendy emo scum that plagues the streets and malls today.

    So, we as the movement AGAINST emo are gaining by leaps and bounds like never before in recent years! Listen to the radio! In fact, CALL THE RADIO and ask them to do something like what happened in 1979 with the radio promotion of the destruction of DISCO!! When the radio, the record executives, and the people in general SEE and HEAR that this dead-grey genre has been sucked dry of anything worthwhile then they will even HELP to put a final stake through the heart of the emo vampire itself!!

    If that’s not enough, tell everyone you know that emo sucks! Razz the emo kids themselves and let them KNOW that their music sucks! Make pictures that degrade this disgusting genre and show it for what it is; crap! Make internet posts, write to magazines, and shout from the rooftops of every building “EMO SUCKS!!”

    This is known as the “critical mass of enlightenment”. When a specific number of people in any given movement are convinced to take a stand against something, the rest will follow weather they want to or not. Their feeble genre will be crushed and they will suffer the same fate as the “Studio 54” goers did in ’79 concerning disco! One week the clubs were packed, the next they were stone dead!!

    Such is the way of fashion, if it be talk, cloth, or music. If it were not so, we would all be listening to Chubby Checker and Elvis as if it were the most important thing in our lives today.

    .: WusTvoX :.

    .: Emo Hate Reich :.

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