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wEnDy (emopunkbabe) wrote,
@ 2003-05-20 01:11:00
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    Current mood: nervous
    Current music:nofx

    why am i so bad?!
    right, long story, now i'm mostly likely going from probation (nothing) to being on university suspension, if you want the whole story and i havent told it to you already, just call my cell, and ill fill ya in...

    today...went to my 9:00, skipped my 11:00 AGAIN (it's illegal to skip more than three, and i think i've skipped, oh, bout seven or eight) good!

    kyle came down! fun times, gettin drunk in the mid-evening...oh yah, bw3s chicken wraps for dinner...all in all, a good night!

    jimmy and heather brought their new puppy over to evan's place, and OMG its the most precious thing!!! like a little walkin teddy cute.

    ker and i decided on the apartment, but i get the small room...we're supposed to switch each quarter tho, but i dunno if i'll feel motivated enough to move all my shit around every quarter. eh, i have a clear shot of evan's house from my window if i take the small room, so its all good. paintball gun, here i come!

    my birfday is almost here, so don't yall forget that it's june the 1st and i take cash and credit cards...even sexual favors...

    we drove past a bar and saw some available furniture for taking, so evan, jason and pat stole furniture from outside mad frog bar, and carried it on their backs to evan's house a mile away....and it wasnt bad smelling!!!

    we "antiqued" michelle AND evan this morning (haha, double time!!!)...they certainly couldnt run after us after we nailed them in the head with a giant handful of flour! muwahahahaha....that just makes the score even for the duct-taped door!

    i must wash my sheets...theyve been soiled.....grrr......not enough time to wash them before i sleep there tonight...shit!

    don't wanna work tomorrow...kroger sucks my asshole...

    nipple piercings on wednesday what?!?!?!??!!?!!!!!!!

    welp, very very sleepy....must find pillow!!! talk to all tomorrow!

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