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wEnDy (emopunkbabe) wrote,
@ 2003-05-16 13:40:00
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    Current mood: giddy
    Current music:i'm listenin to my atticus compilation...

    i didnt know i had this thing!
    this is my first blurty entry.....i guess i made this back sometime in december and it was at like 4 AM and like, i dunno, i didnt even know i had this until this really cool guy ;) (i had a fun time talkin to you james....and for real, youre really hot!!!!) said he saw my profile from blurty...coolness...i had another online jounal, but never really keep up with it, so i'll just use this one cause it's much cooler anyways! yah's events...hmmm

    woke up just in time for my fuckin 9:00...grr that sucked...but thanks to michelle for the ride...i didnt wanna walk the twenty minute hike across campus! that was perhaps the first time i wasnt ten minutes late!! yah!

    public speaking - i'm givin a partner speech with mike about parental advisory stickers. fuck those things. we dont have to go for a week tho, so we lucked out. its gonna kick ass.

    english at 11 (sorta sounds like "news at 11...stay tuned for today's headlines) anyways...totally didnt have my syllabus when i went to see what to read for todays quiz, so i left the whole thing blank. damn, if i couldnt write well (i always get an A...and that's rare here), i would never pass english on my quiz grades.....

    got back and checked sean and pat in...sean was pissed that someone got cake all up in his board...i dunno who did it, but he was not happy lol...its all over the grip tape and shit, no good...oh well

    yah, so i have to go back to prom tomorrow...this queen has to pass the crown down...i wanna like give a speech saying that punk chicks can win (given you have enough friends) and fuck the rest of those preppy bastards that mean nothing... and i wanna like give a shoutout to my dance team and colorguard and marching band kids that are graduating now (sarah, youre the best, thanks for this idea, even tho mr. lindeman wont let me give a speech, i think he would know that i would be inappropriate)...that would be too great to tell those fuckin asshole preps what i really think of them and how they fuckin hated me last year for winning and how in life, they dont matter, and in college, they REALLY dont matter, and they need to get over themselves(muwhahahaha) would really be the highlight of my life, but nonetheless, i doubt itll ever least i got a kick ass dress (black, of course, with my typical hot pink trim - i got it at charlotte russe)...and even evan liked it...i got like the perfect little pink spike bracelet...and i was gonna wear pink chucks but i know that lindeman wouldnt let me wear them on stage with a nice dress, so i bought some tight black dress shoes...very cute. i love shopping, i dont know why i dont do it more often...oh yah, my credit limit is almost at its max...

    so tomorrow night, post-prom, evan and eric want to take me and shell to deja-vu, a strip im NOT like that, wendy dont swing both ways, but ron jeremy is gonna be there....the man has like a ten inch dick, i mean, how can i miss the opportunity to see that?! i do not want the boys to buy me a lap dance tho like they threatened...i'll go, but i do NOT want to be harassed lol...thats just.....wrong.

    ok welp, gonna grab a quick bite to eat then im gonna hit the to everyone later...

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