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wEnDy (emopunkbabe) wrote,
@ 2003-05-29 18:55:00
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    Current mood: stressed
    Current music:simple plan "grow up" (the song that is my life)

    wow its been awhile...
    ive been so busy, i've neglected my online life...haha...

    yah so what has happened in the last nine days...

    well, got the nipples pierced. theyre doing fine. no problems at ALL! i couldnt have gotten luckier than to have such a good looking, professional piercer such as tony. whew. so damn fine.

    yah, what else...i went home. the rents saw the lip ring of course...hell broke loose, the usual. my grandmother saw my tongue, lip and tattoo for the first time...she said i was destined to get cancer (her backwards way of thinking i guess) crazy family....they took it all better than expected tho.

    my birfday is this weekend. party at evan's! hell yah!!! im so psyched, it's gonna be rad. and i'm just lookin to get my thang wet....haha chanty.

    went to the meeting for the bad kids today. they basically just told us we were the garbage of the university, that we had no values, and that if we fuck up again, we're kicked out. simple as that. nah, just kidding...they just made us reassess our values and our own personal code of conduct and go over the school's code of conduct, as if we didnt know it already. there was this HOT guy in my i really didnt pay all that much attention...old yellow goodwill soccer teeshirt, old pumas, dark and very shaggy hair...good teeth. yah you all know what im talkin about...he was adorable.

    hmmm what else?! there has to be more!!! ive been super busy what with finals comin up and all, grrr i dont wanna take them....i have to write my final unrevisable english essay tonight...guess i shouldve done it before the night before...but you all know me...i work best at the last possible minute. well, i get it done anyways.

    im just chillin and listenin to some SR71 right now...oddly enough, the song "right now" is, odd.

    i had fun hanging with the girlies at home this weekend, in between fighting with my ultra conservative family. sarah, lisa, brianna, chanty...what a blast to sit at steak and shake and catch up!!! and then meijer and krogers...we are too cool for school.

    anyone else ready to just leave? leave this shithole state and just move to california with me?!?! i seriously am about this close to packin my bags and sayin SAYONARA mom and dad, and FUUUUUUCKKKK YOU!!! its so nice and sunny and warm...i dont care if i have to work some minimum wage's where i wanna be. i eventually can go back to school and do my thang. i just wanna have fun tho...i wanna tour the vans warped tour, workin some booth for them...thatd be like my ultimate job. wow

    we got our apartment for next year...its tight as hell...i cant wait to move the hell out....drinkin and smokin as much as we want! with no worries!!! yay!!!!

    yah so i guess i better jump on this paper. dont wanna be up all damn night. and i have to write a speech! DAMNIT! i keep thinkin of shit i gots to do. welp, wish me luck...and message me sometime, i'm sure i could use the distraction!!!! later kiddies.

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