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This all was only wishful thinking... (emopunk419) wrote,
@ 2003-07-13 13:02:00
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    Current mood: nerdy
    Current music:the starting line - cheek to cheek

    Yesterday was awesome
    So yesterday I went to driver's ed and wrove ont he interstate. whoop de freakin do. after that I went to Champaign to hang out with Becky and Chantalle, mfy friends from camp. We were gonna go see a movie, but we couldnt decide on one, and by the time we decided on one, Finding Nemo, we couldnt go to the movies. After that we decided to listen to music in chantalles room and becky kept getting pushed off the bed:9 i felt bad but she was liek "after a whiel you get used to it" so after wrestling chantalle for the remote cuz i didnt want to listen to usher,watchign chantalle fall on her face cuz becky tripped her, and this weird hand lotion stuff that just didnt sound right from the reaction and trying to fix my hair, me and becky tried to find this one site so we could try and scare chantalle but we couldnt remember it so we were just liek DANGIT!, the pizza came and we ate outside and this girl was just laying in the nighbors backyard. and we were laughing and this cup started to scare me. it was staring at me,then we started talking about day camp and how theres a fly on everybody,and then soem joke was said and becky like spit out all of her drink all over the floor. So then soon after that we had to go to this festival thing which was okay because we saw Ian from camp there, and we saw Andy Weaver, as we were walkign to smoothie king. so then after a few minutes he decided he would join us at Smoothieking. so we go to smoothieking and order some smoothies and we all drink each others smoothies, and beck ylike drank all of Andys cause she was liek "mines crap". i dont liek mine. so then after that we went back to the park and stayed there till the end. and some dude asked me if i had pot. do i relly look like a pothead. :(. that hurts. IM NOT A DRUGGIE. so then at liek 9:30 i had to leave. so we all gave hugs and said goodbye until next time and it was one of the funnesst days ive had in my life.

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