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Your Insignificant Other (emogirlshoes) wrote,
@ 2003-06-08 01:33:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:the Get up Kids.

    I wonder when I wander home.
    I dont remember the last time I cried the way I did a short while ago. As selfish as this sounds I just want something in my life to go right for once. For instance, HLb. Im tired of this he doesnt like me, but he does thing. I'd prefer he be direct and tell me how he feels instead of let me suffer with his pink guitar pick. My head hurts from all this thinking Ive been trying to do lately. I wrote a poem about how much I want HLb, not sexually, It was really good. Im afraid to post it on here because I get called a poser to much and I dont want tons of comments with people disliking it. Im in love with it too much for that. I wrote a poem about my Joel-situation. Im so sick of this.. him.. everything. How much more can I take? Its getting to a point where I am scaried. Bryan offered to talk to him or something. I would love it if someone could just talk to him, but no one could and Bryan would not be the right person for it either. Esp.. since.. Ugh. I think m brain has gone jelliod and leaked out the side of my ear. How conceited am I? And why am I still breathing?
    -the useless girl.

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