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♥ Don't worry sweetie i already know♥ (emofreakgrrrrl3) wrote,
@ 2004-04-16 20:52:00
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    Current mood:selfish
    Current music:Black Label. Lamb of God.

    great week
    Never ask someone out in french.. They wont answer you.
    Well Im here at my dads bored out of my mind, my music stopped, and the only thing thats occupying me probably more tempting me to fall asleep rather than do much for the environment is the sound of my sister snoring. Whose idea was it to make people snore? honestly, its not like we need proof that they're asleep.

    Andrew and I got into an enormous fight today. Last night, I heard from three reasonable sources that Andy was talking about me.. saying that im selfish, only want the whole world to revolve around me, and do things for attention. Nicely put, you get no bonus points bitch.
    Thats funny, considering if i wanted attention, would i actually tell people my problems? The only person I do tell is Andy and thats only because I felt like I could trust him with everything.
    Anywho, today i said fuck you when he passed me in the hallway, and i repeatively told him to leave me alone and not to talk to me when he tried to. Today at lunch though, when i asked Lou to move, Andy got up and asked if i wanted himt o move too.. i did.. but i wasnt talking to him..
    he got up anyway and started mumbling things and then started yelling at me from across the lunch table. He called me a selfish hoe :(
    So, Im at my dads house now..
    Andy told me never to talk to him again and that he didnt want to be my friend anymore. Dontcha love it when you lose best friends?

    I was at the mall here for two hours and i've been sitting here doing nothing for another two hours. More to come. This is my plan.. when i feel like it, im going upstairs and reading. Then, when i dont feel like it, im going to accidentally fall asleep, still wearing my contacts, bitch.

    I told kev about my mom and he started laughing.. we havent talked ever since this morning really.
    did i tell you i met keils girlfriend? great..
    wow im such a selfish hoe..
    < / 3..
    woot woot

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