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♥ Don't worry sweetie i already know♥ (emofreakgrrrrl3) wrote,
@ 2004-03-29 21:13:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:water wings. alexisonfire.

    if i gave you pretty enough words..
    im pissed. pissed you stupid fuckhole. Did you get that?!
    this weekend im supposed to go to the mall with ally and hedd and possibly chrissy.
    should i waste my friday night doing that? i mean.. i cant..
    should i walk around for like three hours and then go to the mall? yeah..
    although im supposed to be hanging with chrissy, elyce, kev, bobby and possibly nick..
    fuck what am i gonna do? this sucks asshole. Oh god I curse too much, please forgive me.
    oh God this weekend was boring. I was at my dads. Friday: walked home with kate and ally. walked to dustins, then greg's hung with chris and greg. went to dads. nothing. sat home, watched tv, computer.
    Saturday: (morning) I cleaned up dog shit. :)
    (afternoon) I went to the mall and saw emma thurr. I hung out with (these are all mayslanding people) Chris, Matt, Greg, Adam, "Joe", Chris M. (!!!), Jeff, that kid that i dont know his name.. and then we all went to king pin.. and theres this bar and in the bar there were a bunch of 40-50 ish year old people dressed as pimps and hoes.. it was scary

    some wigger called me a trick ass hoe? i just keep finding enjoyment in that because
    i dont know what it means you stupid trick ass hoe!

    Jess grabbed my arm today and started screaming making everyone realize what was on it.

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