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♥ Don't worry sweetie i already know♥ (emofreakgrrrrl3) wrote,
@ 2004-03-21 22:39:00
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    Current mood: stressed
    Current music:to awake and avenge the dead.thrice.

    hey, you hear that too?
    does anyone ever let go of something and wonder what they're missing? is it one of those things that can't be spoken because its too hard to explain. Mixed feelings. How about not wanting something, but wonder what you'd have if you did want it? Does it just go without saying? Ever think about whats going to happen the next day.. and what you hope is going to happen? Ever look forward to something that you just made up in your head in hopes that you can make it real?

    Do you ever do anything or say something to someone hoping that it would make them feel bad for you, but instead it makes them complain about your complaining?

    do you ever get worried when someone that you're completely not attracted to does or says something and it always affects you in some way? Do you ever think that someone is lying when they say that they "dont like you like that"?

    Do you wish you knew what they were saying behind your back? Do you wonder why someone acts a certain way to you, and then acts a completely different way in front of someone else?

    Has anyone ever liked you, but not admitted it because they'd be embarassed, although they're the only ones that dont approve of you..

    A r e n't y o u glad you're not m e ?

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