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♥ Don't worry sweetie i already know♥ (emofreakgrrrrl3) wrote,
@ 2004-03-11 21:17:00
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    Current mood: tired
    Current music:Body Of God. Norma Jean.

    no one comments in here? =/
    Beavis and.....: jerkball
    Run.... Run: testes!
    Do you have a......: stopwatch
    My name is.....: Gertrude AssHead
    I am.....: stupid
    My favorite band is.....: atreyu!!
    Can I ....... You: grope
    ..... a tree: screw
    ..... Lullibies: sing
    I play the......: punch in the balls game :)
    Pass the......: blunt
    Kill me.....: quickly, strongly, violently, harshly, now, please.
    Do......: not touch my ass
    I have to....: do my homework
    I feel.....: like killing myself (sorry God) dont like
    Jump for....: fucking joy. bitch.
    ... me: kill
    Love is....: stupid
    To be scared is.....: pretty.. cool
    I have a.....: peter!
    Tick.....: tock?
    Ass and .......: butt you lose!
    My job is to......: hate myself
    Kiss....: my lips?
    Blue....: eyed suicide
    Don't let the door......: shut.. we'll be locked in!
    Mother and......: ..fucker
    Siblings......: are fat
    Hump.....: a tree
    Name some Bands with the letter
    A: atreyu!
    B: brand new
    C: Catch 22
    D: Dashboard Confessional
    E: Exploited
    F: From autumn to ashes
    G: Greenday
    H: Hatebreed
    I: Incubus
    J: Juliana Theory
    K: Killswitch Engage
    L: Lacuna Coil
    M: Metallica
    N: Norma Jean
    O: Offspring
    P: Poison the Well
    Q: Queens of the Stone Age
    R: Rancid
    S: too hard to pick.. damn.. Shadows Fall
    T: Taking Back Sunday
    U: Unseen
    V: Vendetta Red
    W: Weezer
    X: X
    Y: Your shapeless beauty
    Z: Zeke
    Do you smoke: occasionally
    Do you drink: umm.. =/ yes.
    Ever done a drug: welp, i'd like to say no, so i will. no.
    Have sex: no
    How old are you: 14
    Do you swear: swear? that im 14? i curse a lot though. habit.
    What was the last thing you did: curse
    What are you wearing: black pants, checkered belt, red shirt..
    How is your hair: brown, short, down and flipped out.
    Do you daydream: a lot. i did during the GEPAs today. and woke up drooling.
    Have you taken a shower today: yes. this morning around 5 something
    How was your day: suckage. I got kneed in the nose by myself. haha. elyce like broke my back. my mom yelled at me, my sister is fat. you know.
    Talking to anyone: yes, bobby and johnny
    What's on your feet: black socks.
    Have any pets: no
    Watch movies a lot: no. I cant stand to watch one thing thats longer than a half hour. I usually fall asleep.
    Like Music: i love music. I was singing during the GEPA

    IVE GOT ONE THING TO SAY. Dick stays inside. Little Dick can run. See little Dick run his little head off.<

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