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♥ Don't worry sweetie i already know♥ (emofreakgrrrrl3) wrote,
@ 2004-03-09 19:13:00
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    Current mood: gloomy
    Current goo dolls.

    you bleed just to know you're alive..
    I wrote my mom a note that said "Dear Mom, I want lunch money and a therapist. Thanks. Love, Tara" and she got angry. She was supposed to get me a therapist but then she changed her mind saying I didnt need one. She thinks its one more useless thing that she'll have to pay for. Does she know I'm unhappy? Anywho, when she got home she asked me politely what it was about and when i told her nothing had changed she started yelling and so on. She said she's going to try. It took her about 2 months? I guess she thought it.. went away? I dont know why im unhappy i have no reason to be unhappy, i just am. So, thats nice.
    Me and Kevii got into el argument today.. something about killing myself or something.

    You're treated unfairly, your life sucks, no one understands you and blah blah blah.. you want to be noticed. Make a statement, kill yourself. Then people will treat you equally. Oh yeah, don't forget the sympathy note you stupid fucker.
    Suicide. The death maker. -thumbs up- :-)

    that was my response, of course. Whatever. think happy thoughts.
    Im dying my hair bluuuuuue..
    I feel really bad about getting all pissy with kevii.. he always cheers me up and i was all bitchy like to him. So I guess I have no one to cheer me up now, right?
    Mrs.french teacher kept me after today to tell me I looked depressed and wanted to know why i was in a bad mood. I told her i wasnt and walked away. Oh damn well.

    *hey beautiful, do me a favor and put that fake smile away.*

    bleed for me, bleed.

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