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nicole (emofaery) wrote,
@ 2003-07-16 12:17:00
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    Current music:a drag in d-flat

    An afternoon laughing
    so I just go back from camp last weekend and that was alot of fun!! I am so happy that lacey was there! I haven't seen her in forever and I also met one of her kick ass friends kara..I love you guys!! besides all the rain, which basically cancelled all our plans it was a really good experience..even more so spiritually. thank you so much for letting me go with you derek!! I went to warped back in june and that was bad soo glad I crowd surfed and I have this great picture of derek crowd surfing also! rancid, dkm, the used, aft, ataris and more all kicked ace! deffinently a good time. Sooo..this week is 3 rivers and I have been down there twice already..once with the fame-heh. and jeromey and I went there last night and saw the goofy "make me and idol" singing contest..haha..that was fun. there was this emo kid so we were excited and waiting for him to go on the time came and I was like hell yeah ya know..then he busts out some hero by enrique and we were was dissapointing but great. we talked to im later on and I guess his bands playing a show at the Wigwam thursday so I'm anxious to see what they sound like!!
    tonight I am going to the mall with eleni and megan then meeting alex at 3 rivers...wooo...
    I miss derek. I can't wait to see him friday!!!! well........this is fun..I haven't wrote in here forever so maybe I will more often..

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