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LiNz (emodaze) wrote,
@ 2003-12-31 15:27:00
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    Current mood: anxious

    'don't bother caring about somebody who doesn't care for you back.'
    I really hate people tellin me that, cos to do that, you would have to be an emotionless drone... its hard to not care for someone, even if they dont care for you... it really isnt that simple... but people dont understand it... but the funny thing is, when they're in a similar situation, and u tell them that, they think exactly what ive jus said - 'its not that simple'. I should have listened to my instincts (again) and given up when i wanted to, i.e. when i knew he wasnt interested but no, instead i had people telling me "that would be a bad idea" and "i know he's interested". I really should learn to listen to myself not other people.

    Apart from that, this would be my last entry before 2004 beckons. wo0o0o i have work :( SO not looking forward to it. Sold out to 450 capacity and i know its just going to be chaotic- also the thought of that one night 24 hour license hanging over me/us doesnt help matters! Who knows when the chaos is going to end!?! =oS Just wana get it over with then i can have my week and a half off to rest- well not really cos i start back at college on Monday aswell. But i suppose i have my shopping trip in Manc to look forward to and my new piercing on friday *hehee*. I dread to think what work will say about it. Ahh well i'm there to do a job not to look pretty! Dont think they see it that way though. I'm wearing a little black skirt, Red fish nets over black tights, red off the shoulder top and my black skull and cross bone boots folded down =oS so that'll probably start the "un-prettyness" ball rolling. Ahh well fun fun.

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