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*Kissable.and.Quiet* (emo_chiqxxx) wrote,
@ 2003-09-13 12:49:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music: 'boucing off the walls' - sugarcult

    dude. my mood is boucny and look what i'm listening too!! Total hottness man! Alright so i'm still sick, it blows goats. I really don't enjoy being sick. I keep waking up in the middle of the night, having to blow my nose and get a drink, cause well im all stuffed up and I got a sore throat.

    Jenn and Jess went to the show at Knights last night and this hot dude from Keansburg was there. I don't live to far from him, since I live in East Keansburg, cool eh? Anyway she called me and told me he was there. Hot Hot Hot! Anyway i'm jealous they saw him and I didn't. Damn hoes. haha.

    Other news, my mother is going to buy me the FITY cent cd! Even more hottness. Oh, i'm supposed to get these hot shows from Bloomigndales(spelling?) but the one in Bergen County didn't have them. So when we're in the city in October, my mom's going to check the one there and maybe get me them. These sneakers are so hot! I really hope they have them, I mean i'll cry if they don't.

    Also I slept today, until about 11:30. I mean waking up at that time for me is EARLY. Like everyday durning the summer I would sleep until maybe 2 or 3 ish. People would call and I wouldn't answer because i'm still asleep. funny stuff. Anyway I don't know why i'm all hyper right now, I just am. Hmmm? ANYWHO i'm gonna go be cool and bounce off the walls.

    Also this is the last thing, I promise. I uh, you guys remeber that song from 1997, called 'Truely Madly Deeply' by Savage Garden? Yeah well last night I was looking through my old CDs and found that one. I mean the only reason I got that CD back in the day was for that one song. Me and Shannon we're talking about that song last night too. haha. I love that song, I had it on repeat allllll night last night. haha well. now i'm done. later days.

    <3 - SaM

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