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Peach Tea (emmy_strange) wrote,
@ 2004-11-28 20:44:00
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    hello everyone.. i think i am going insane.. i swear to god!
    am i crazy to think, that clint is seeing his ex? coz she used to msg him ALOT, and this isnt his stalker ex, but a sane one.. and i seen pics of her, n shes real pretty.. and 19 :( shes afta him.. ive read da msgs.. n the replys from clint, werent really flirty but.. he neva told her about me, until i asked him if he has, and then he decided to tell her.. like, seriously... im neva mentioned afta god knos how long of texting..?
    not that im jealous or anything.. coz he can talk to his ex if he wants to.. i mean, wateva i trust him...
    just that i neva get any msgs anymore from him.. and usually i do everyday. but got only one at like 9 yesterday and none today... wats wiv that? i kno that he had cricket yesterday, so thats fine.. wateva.. but he didnt even want to see me tonite? wat was he doing today?? every time i see clint, he somehow mentions her, and talks about her... i dont mind to hear a lil of info.. but, i duno, he keeps making jokes like.. wen hes about to come ova to my house, he says that he gota see his gorgous gf first.. and i am just like.. hehe me.. and hes like.. yeh but gota see my ex b4... im like.. hmmm
    and kats got me even more paranoid wiv that whole thing of every man likes to hav several woman around.. coz its like the tradition or sumthing..
    if it was one of those one night things.. i would neva care that much, but for like a dating thing.. u kno, thats pretty bad..
    not saying that he is.. coz i doubt he would do sumthing like that.. but i just get the feeling that he is annoyied at me for sumthing, but i duno wat!

    went to work today.. ON A SUNDAY!!! then aftawards went to garbs wiv tara.. and shoped til I DROPPED.. i swear she could hav continued forever.. i bort 2 tops, earrings and tara n i went halfs on a spinning wheel prize thing.. yay! lol.. heaps of shite in there.. love it all!

    got math exam tomoro.. got 4 pages notes.. thanx to kat.. ur a champ!
    mite buy myself that xmas tree... i gota.. wats a room wivout a lil xmas spirt.. but.. i gota buy it on da 1st.. so its special ;)

    i hav the worst pain in my ribs.. i duno wat it is.. i think its coz i ate nothing at all today, apart from a roll for dina.. is that bad? yeh i gues it is.. but there is sumthing wrong wen eva i eat wen i hav my period... i feel like being sick.. i really dont feel well..
    my mum has gone out to dina wiv her friends.. and my dads in a shit wiv me, coz i yelled at him wen he called me ugly and stupid! wat does he expect.. i mean, does he want me to smile and say politly.. yes i agree.. i am an ugly lil girl, and gee am i stupid.. thanx dad, i really love to hear that b4 i go to work! thanx for loving me.. and telling me that u do so often! :)

    jarrads party on the 16th or 18th or sumthing.. cant wait.. so exciting! hopefully wont run into nathan.. would i guess being cams friend.. would be going.. haha work friends, how entertaining! glad i quit maccas, otherwise i would hav to face him wiv my behaviour.. how embarrasing.. :P
    did i mention im going to david jones soon? got training for it on 6th and 7th.. wow! lots of money.. will get about 200$ for tha week...

    anyway.. this is a long entry.. and my mum is home... tata everyone.. sorry about crap entry.. i gues i hav pms during period... which i gues i should hav.. it would make sence, coz how will it kno wen i should hav pms..? well.. only tara and kat would understand that... byebye

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